Together Internship

A great way to get involved with the work of Together is to come and volunteer for us. Together offers an exciting volunteering internship-style opportunity encompassing all aspects of the work of the ministry, with opportunity to experience and focus on one particular area.

You will experience the following areas of the work of Together:

  • Involvement in events and conferences
  • Placement with a related local church congregation
  • Enrolment in all Covenant College part-time courses
  • Personal study and assignments
  • Regular input from key leaders
  • Responsibilities onsite at Nettle Hill

In addition to exposure and participation in the general work of Together, you will also have the opportunity to involve in a specific area such as church leadership, pioneering, administration and social action.

You will gain firsthand experience of every aspect of Together that will give you lifechanging opportunities and develop your skills in a variety of areas:

  • Mentoring, discipleship and close involvement with leaders
  • Real responsibilities in the work of Together, such as assisting in administration for key events through the year
  • Exposure to a range of people and projects, including youth camps, business initiatives and outreach activities
  • Opportunity to make use of onsite facilities at the idyllic and relaxed environment of Nettle Hill, including the Bryn Jones Library

Volunteering opportunities commence in January 2010, and each position is for a maximum of 10 months. More information available upon application.

Volunteers must cover their living expenses (accommodation and food). More information available upon application.

Volunteers are based onsite at Nettle Hill, Brinklow Road, Ansty, Coventry, CV7 9JL.

No qualifications required but all volunteers are required to accept Together’s values and the Evangelical Alliance basis of faith, both of which can be viewed here:

If you are interested in opportunities to volunteer please complete an application form and send along with your CV to JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING for consideration.

Application Form (PDF format)