Here I sit, a nice strong coffee in one hand and a pen in the other, and out of nowhere I am accosted with the notion of ‘trust’, the very thing that our lives revolve around.

If I was to ask you to consider your image of trust what would you see, your parenthood; providing for your children’s every need, the responsibility to do well at work, the transactions that we undertake daily at the local shop, or maybe the friendship that you have developed and built over many years.

Can your image of trust be pinned down by the definition given in the Oxford Dictionary, ‘Trust is a reliance on the integrity, strength, stability, ability, surety of a person or a thing. It is the confident expectation of something, it is hope.’

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Sometimes it can be dead good

Author: Ruth Nelson (Coventry)

For me, life changed quite suddenly in June 2004 when I awoke to find the man I had married, Tony aged 37, dead in bed. I was left to raise our 2 children then aged 8 and 3 by myself. Now over 6 years on, the 3 of us are still here. Definitely on a different journey in life to the one that I had planned, but also having experienced deeper depths and higher highs than I had imagined. You know I have found so many gifts in this experience:

- The gift of knowing that Tony is in heaven. He had given his life to Jesus in his teens and had also worked in Christian youth work for over 10 years. I remember my daughter saying that no matter what pain we were going through “I know daddy is in heaven having the time of his life”. And yeah, some days that was easier said than others.

- The gift of getting rid of unwanted telesales phone calls. I remember a few months after Tony’s death, my son answering the phone for someone looking for Tony to sell something. He told them “My dad’s died, but my mum’s still alive. Do you want to speak to her??” When the phone was passed to me, suddenly the person had nothing to sell!

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