A friend’s foot healed!

One Tuesday afternoon, a short while ago, my friend rang to ask if I was busy as she wanted to come round to my place. A few minutes and a cup of tea later, she told me that she had grazed her heel. It looked as if it was infectious and had gone septic. My mind’s initial reaction was to suggest that she went to see the doctors.

Before I could say anything to my friend, the Holy Spirit nudged me to pray for her foot.  As I laid hands on her, I noticed that there was oil on my hands. I prayed that God would heal her.  The next day she sent me a text message to say that her foot was a lot better since I prayed.  A few days later, I asked her how the foot was doing. Her reply was, “My foot is very nicely healed, thank you”.

Praise be to God!


Testimony From Kings Church Loughborough - Click Here to visit their blog

Healing & Salvation in Stanton!

I thought you might be encouraged to hear about things happening in Stanton recently...!

We had two young ladies saved at a recent Sunday morning gathering!!!

The previous week I prayed for a lady with skin cancer... much better now – not quite gone, but seems to be receeding!!!

Had a word of knowledge for someone with pain in right buttock! Lady visitor (one of the two who got saved that morning) came forward, was prayed for by Josephine, Catherine and myself, and got instantly healed!

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