A Journey of Hope

In April 2007, I had to undergo major surgery to have a mass, a large cyst and my left ovary removed. Whilst I was in the Intensive Care Unit, I was told that there was no way I would ever be able to be a mum in the future. In January and February this year (2008), I had more major surgery.

This time it was to remove a large cyst which had grown all round my organs, especially on the right hand side. This meant that my other ovary had to go. I lost five pints of blood during surgery. I also developed a blockage in the bowel. Eventually, the doctors had to perform yet another procedure as they tried to save my life.

After being critically ill in hospital for two and a half months, God finally brought me out of the ordeal. As I walked through what I now call the journey of hope, I never ever felt alone. God never left me. I felt His presence, love and peace through it all. Even when the pain was bad I still smelt the sweet aroma of His presence.

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God responds mightily to a little step of faith!

One particular day, a couple of weeks ago, we decided to head out onto the streets to pray for the sick during our lunch break. We were quite nervous about it, though.

During the first thirty minutes, we didn’t actually pray for anyone. Personally, all I managed to do was make excuses in my head. . . .

We finally saw a woman on crutches walking our way. We went over and asked if we could pray for her. She told us that she had epilepsy and had just had knee surgery after having a seizure and shattering her knee cap on a curb. The surgeons had placed steel pins in her knee. We laid hands on her knee and prayed for the knee to be healed. We also prayed for her to delivered from epilepsy. We asked her if she felt anything as we were praying. She told us that she felt pins and needles up and down her leg. We prayed again for a full healing. She then said that the pain had gone. She said, “It feels wonderful”. We asked her if she would like to test out her healing. With her permission, we helped her up on her feet so she could walk without the crutches. The look on her face said it all. She had certainly been touched by God! She kept flexing her knee and putting weight on it. She walked on it but was still a bit shakey. She looked as though she was in shock and sat down and lit up a cigarette to calm herself down. We prayed again for strength and stability to her leg and as we were doing so a random man came and asked if he could pray with us as well. Of course we said ok and so we all prayed together. We left it at that. We told the lady (her name is Michelle)  that we were from King’s Church down the road.

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Eye pain healed!

Over the past few years, I have had a very bad and intense pain at the back of my right eye. I would have this pain on and off at least two or three times a month and sometimes even more often. The usual route to relieve the pain would be resting or taking pain killers. At times I would just ignore it if I could!

Over the past four months, I started to ask Jesus to heal this pain during our Sunday morning meetings. On Sunday the 8th of June 2008, Jane Williams prayed for me. The pain did not totally go away immediately but I believed that God wanted to heal me completely.  At about 11.30pm on the Sunday night, the pain just stopped! I was so amazed that finally this agony had ended.  I felt so free, relieved and blessed! I was totally healed!

Thank you Jesus for my healing!


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