Global Leadership Summit


The Global Leadership Summit taking place in May, 18th - 20th will be inspiration and informative for all leaders, youth leaders, home church leaders, childrens leaders, business leaders etc.

A time to be inspired for the locality through stories of faith and miracle taking place on the global scene.    We will hear practitioners from many nations, Africa, India, Sri Lanka and USA, share their joys and challenges in seeing the kingdom of God enlarged in their localities.

This is an opportunity not to be missed, come and hear what God is doing across the globe and be inspired and empowered with practical hands on detail, for your own local community.     You are a part of the body of Christ in the earth, come hear and see how the kingdom of God is increasing all over the world.

So be enriched and inspired by the wisdom of many ministries from across the global, with guests speakers:

Doctor John Mastrogiovanni
Roma Nyakambumba
Lalith & Hiranthi Mendis
Jan Slabbert
Gareth & Sandra Duffty
Francis Agbana
Ralph Gloeckner