Genesis Factor Report

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Genesis Factor Report by Dan Russell 

Despite sounding like a creationist seminar the Genesis Factor ranges far wider than discussions of how the physical world came into being and focuses on the spiritual aspects of the events outlined in Genesis 1. The seminar we took part in is a short version of the longer course Dr John Mastrogiovanni teaches at his home Church in Monrovia, California. John is a gifted Hebrew scholar and bible teacher and brings to his material a deep passion for the outworking of the purpose of God in all our lives.

Taking the original Hebrew as his text, John uses established rabbinical understanding of the meaning of the Hebrew letters themselves to unpack the richness of meaning God hid in there. The aim of the course is to show in a greater depth the purpose of God in creation and John certainly succeeds in doing that.

Ultimately, however the Genesis Factor isn't about intellectual knowledge but sharpening spiritual hunger, and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who wants to know God more deeply. I don't know when Dr John will next be in the UK to teach this, however he is putting together a video series of the longer course. I'm really looking forward to it and hope we can make this valuable teaching more widely known.