Reflection on Focus 2013

Reflecting on Focus Summer Camp 2013

On the 17th-24th August this year, Quinta Hall (in Oswestry) was visited by the Focus family as we delved into what it means to be a History Maker! This year our Daddy God yet again proved himself faithful in showing us what he’s like, winning over our hearts, and filling us up more and more with his crazy love and power. We had a great time together experiencing the fun, faithfulness and family that our Daddy God is famous for.

There was never  a dull moment at Focus as we experienced the delights of drinking grape juice freshly squished by feet and squeezed through a dirty sock, spelling lessons with alphabetti spaghetti, home-made cookies the size of your face, Martin Rowe’s crazy and slightly disturbing chequered chef’s trousers, jumping through holes in walls, worship time on the staircase (Von Trapp styley), learning all about history makers - both big and small – and how they changed the world by dreaming with God, singing our hearts out to a rewritten One Direction song, hearing stories from a strange sounding welsh man, rope-walking our way through the deepest, darkest Owestrian jungle, and that’s not even the half of it!

We saw youngsters grasping for the first time what their Daddy God is actually like and making decisions, some for the first time, to follow him. We saw young and old being stirred inside with God’s spirit to step out and do things that they felt God showing them to do, even when it was really scary. We saw young and old praying together to encourage each other into our history-making destiny as children of God. We saw young and old experiencing the acceptance and love of the family of God and finding a place of belonging. We saw youngsters from around this nation building friendships with each other despite their differences, and we saw youngsters starting to dream about what God might be showing them to do now to start changing the world around them.

There was a lot of sweat, a lot of laughs, a lot of chanting and resulting croaky voices, a lot of dancing and jumping in celebration of who God is, and a whole lot of love.

The proof of the Focus pudding is really in the personal stories from each of the youngsters and their families about the difference God has made in their lives at, and through Focus. So if you get the chance, ask someone from your congregation that has been to tell you a little bit of what they experienced and see for yourselves that there’s something super special when we set aside time to celebrate God together.

As a leadership team it is such a privilege to take youngsters that God has entrusted to us and to show them both God’s love and his ways that will lead them through the biggest and baddest of life’s challenges. And each year it’s phenomenal to see how God shows us things, breathes life into our plans and goes far beyond us in touching hearts and sowing his seeds of eternity. He is such a faithful God.