Zimbabwe Ladies Conference in Harare

Report by Sandra Duffty

August 7th – 10th  2015

I was invited this year by Cleopas and Willet Guavava  to minister at their ladies conference in Harare Zimbabwe, what a privileged to travel to Zimbabwe, it had been quite some years since I my feet touched the soil there and I was keen to see the people and hear of the changes in the nation.

Arriving into Zimbabwe I found a people full of faith and hope, a people of joy, a people trusting in their God, full of gratitude and with a heart to see the kingdom of God filling the earth, lives restored and communities healed.

The first night we met with ladies who had taken the time to travel across the country for the joy of being together and hearing the word of God, the anticipation and excitement amongst them was tangible even after their long arduous journeys.

The conference continued with much joy, as the word was brought encouraging each to see with the eyes of an eagle and not be lost to only seeing the ground beneath the feet.   The vibrant worship times gave God much praise whilst encouraging each one to trust in their maker.

Willet opened the sessions encouraging the ladies to step into the fullness of all God had called them to be, breaking free of passed traditions and know the true liberty of the spirit in this new day.

As the conference continued it was evident that many leaders had also travelled with their ladies, the conference therefore developed into encouraging all present, male and female, young and old.

Cedric and Denise Pekeur joined us there and also shared the ministry sessions along with Gareth and myself, many were ministered to and liberated through the word.

A great deal of time was spent with the leaders, discussing around the table over meal times and coffee.  These table times became very precious as we unpacked the word, shared Christ, prayed together and planned for the future.   It was such a blessing to draw on relationships that have been developed over twenty – thirty years, built on Covenant and with a desire to see Christ filling all in all.    It is the time for Africa to fill out all that has been spoken over her, we stand together to do our part in helping this move.

During our time there we spoke of the scheduled Bible Week planned for August of 2016 in Harare.  Great expectancy and anticipation arose as we spoke, please do all you can to join us in Harare next year, for what will be our first Bible Week in many years.   Contact us for further details.

Sandra Duffty