Sponsor a child in Uganda

September 2015
I trust you are doing well and enjoying life. I am writing to invite you to be apart of a movement that helps to change lives and the future of children across the world.
For those of you who don't know I am a volunteer teacher working in a developing secondary school, I have taught in the UK for 10 years and last year came to volunteer here at Wellspring. Wellspring is a local NGO who aim to see lives changed through training and skill development of people in the local area, Bweyogerere. Sustainable development is at the core of Wellspring and as part of this training, educating the young plays a big part.

One of the goals for the Millennium Development focused its attention and funding on primary education and now in Uganda the availability of free primary education has seen enrolment at the primary level reach as much as 93%. However these ‘free’ schools funded by the government have class sizes of 100 – 150 students each. One teacher often teaches these huge classes at any given time and as you can imagine the resources used are very slim.  When it then comes to secondary age there is an even greater challenge as affordable places are few and far between.
Having started the new academic year we were faced with the sad news that a few of our students could not commit to being in school due to financial reasons.  Even though Wellspring tries to ensure that the school fees are at a price people can afford, sometimes it is still difficult for families to stretch to this.  We in the UK take free education for granted. Uganda’s children do not have this opportunity and families are often looking for the finances to fund their children’s schooling.
To make long lasting sustainable change in this local community a good affordable secondary school is necessary. With this in mind we are working hard to develop a secondary school that is affordable and allows all children to access a very good education. Allowing the children to succeed in all aspects of life. To help to make this happen I would like to extend to you an invite to help families in need.
In order for us to see sustainable development in this beautiful country, education must be a priority; for this to take place we wanted to give you an opportunity to sponsor a child through their secondary education, primary education while great is not sufficient to complete the work and bring long lasting and sustainable change in the nation. Just £5 / £10 / £20 month could help a child receive a decent education giving them an opportunity to succeed and the potential to rise out of poverty. At this stage we are not planning on offering our students a free education but hope to stand with them, attempting to match fund what they can bring to the school fees, seeking to work together rather than offering a handout, thus making the education provision more sustainable and equally valued by all.   If you’re interested in helping please do let me know by emailing:   JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING .
I look forward to hearing from you,

Cerys Duffty 

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