Life Stories from Exminster

Answered Prayer

Two ladies from New Life Church were praying one morning and were unexpectantly joined by a friend and her sister who had popped in. We asked if either of them wanted prayer for anything and the sister timidly replied that she was desperate to have another baby, her first child having been conceived by IVF five years ago. She and her husband really wanted a sibling for their little boy but could find no way of raising the thousands of pounds they would need to undergo treatment again. Even then they were not guaranteed success. So we prayed.

Six weeks later my friend texted me with many exclamation marks to say that her sister was pregnant and after a scan it was revealed that the baby would be born in March. She called it a miracle and said that the baby was a gift from God.

Open Doors

God has set my feet on a better career pathway (or long and winding
road!). We prayed 2 years ago to remove me from a horrible situation
and open doors, give me opportunities and show me
the road ahead. God has, in abundance! Not only did God give me what I
asked for, he gave me a loving, nurturing and caring team of
colleagues who helped mend me and an equally loving church family who
love me.

Singing Cafe

Without Walls Stanton

Singing Cafe

A couple of months ago at WOW in Stanton Under Bardon we began a ‘Singing Cafe’ for people with mental health issues such as Dementia, knowing that God can reach anyone no matter what their limitations are.
We have already seen fruit from this venture as we are able to engage with mostly elderly people who we would not necessarily encounter in our usual church life and events.
We have seen some of those who come along have moments of clarity just by being around the family of God and one man who actually doesn’t have Dementia gave his heart to Jesus. We have also had many opportunities to pray for people including carers and staff of various care homes who have come along and its a delight to see changes in those we are seeing regularly.
As a result of the connections we are making, we have been invited to take our cafe into a care home a few miles from the church building and we are also going in regularly to the same care home and having a short Church meeting with the residents and staff. Its early days but God is doing much already.
Watch this space!
Hope that serves as an encouragement