Reflections on a Trip to India

In  the year 2000, I went to India, kicking & screaming, as a representative of Help International. Whilst there, God started to work in me something towards the people of that nation. And this was confirmed in a second visit to India in 2004. God wanted me to be involved in that nation - why, I don't really yet know. I'm not a church planting, world changing, apostle. Neither am I some power of God evangelist. But I did need to be obedient to what I clearly felt to be the prompting of God. In 2004 I went to India again with Gareth Duffty & met Ralph and Renuka in Agra and I felt that my involvement was to be with them. They visited the church in Keighley and, I believe, God worked a joining between the church and Ralph & Renuka. A prophetic word came to them to the effect that these people were his people. I believe that the significance of this word has been shown in the number of church members who have subsequently been to Agra and served the people there with their own individual skills.

Over the years with visits to Agra and return visits to the UK by Ralph & Renuka, the relationships have increasingly strengthened. And, in my opinion, the latest visit in February of this year, confirmed this. In one sense it would be great to come back and talk about 100s being saved & healed, and to talk about miracles. But I can't do this. Yes, some people were saved, and some were healed. But for me the miracle which has been taking place has been the amazing Kingdom of God work of two nations/peoples being joined.

On the last two visits I have had the privilege of accompanying Ralph to churches further afield, and it was clear that the developing relationship is extending. Some of the welcomes we received, about which the Indians can teach us a lot, were amazing. In fact, the effort & cost of making the trip was well worth it just for these welcomes alone.

It was such a blessing to be able to share God's word in various settings, and to see it received in faith.

It was a great blessing to travel with Ralph, even share beds with him - and to fellowship over the word and the work. It is good to have visited sufficiently to be able to talk and share intelligently about the work, not only in India but also in the UK.

I spent the first week in Agra, sharing into the church and even with leaders of other churches in the town. A major input was also had into the School of Service, where young men & women are being given 2 years training for ministry. This time was spent looking into the letter to The Romans. The second week involved much travelling - flights, long car, coach & rail journeys - and various groupings were visited in Raipur, Korba, Jagdalpur & Delhi.

An additional blessing on this trip was being accompanied for part of the time with brothers Geoff & Jay from Coventry. They spent some time in Bangalore but that's a story for them to tell. - GJJ

Deeper Life

DeeperLifeWeekend, CefnLea March1st-3rd 2013

Cefn Lea

DeeperLifeWeekend, CefnLea March1st-3rd 2013

We will be returning to Cefn Lea in mid-Wales this spring for a weekend together dedicated to seeking after a deeper relationship with God through worship, teaching and fellowship from like minded people from across the country, interspersed with a healthy dose of extravagant entertainments, the equisite Welsh country side and Saturday afternoon football.

Salvation Is Only The Beginning

Above all, God’s greatest desire is to have an intimate relationship with us. He longs to reveal his love to us in new ways. He desires for us to fall completely and utterly in love with him. Nothing compares to the inexpressible joy and freedom that comes when we have a deep revelation of our Father’s heart toward us.


It is the purpose of DeeperLife to facilitate a place for 18-30s from across the country to come together and grow in a deeper relationship with their heavenly Father, to spend time getting to know him better so that we in turn can express to the world just how wonderful He is.
This year we will be returning to Cefn Lea for a time together of worship, word and a whole lot of fun! The famous DeeperLife Cafe will be returning along with the Saturday afternoon football match and the epic evening entertainments!

It is in relationship where our eyes are lifted onto something so much greater, something so much more fulfilling and something so much more captivating than we could ever hope or dream of. It is in relationship where all our fears and worries disappear. It is in relationship where we have the faith to believe the gifts, dreams and destiny that God is calling us to.

When we gather in March let’s come ready to respond to our first love and expect to have our gifts, dreams and destiny released from a nice thought in our heads to reality.

Please remember to bring bed-sheets and duvet covers (or a sleeping bag), pillowcases, blankets, towel, bible and notepad; plus suitable outdoor clothes/shoes for walks and football.

Cefn Lea Park is set in the beautiful Mid-Wales Countryside. Residential accommodation is provided as a mixture of leisure homes and chalets. It is their aim that all guests have an enjoyable and relaxing stay! The complex has several conference rooms, a main hall with theatre seating up to 400 people, two sports halls, restaurant and other indoor and outdoor sport facilities.

For more information contact the Deeper Life Team JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING

Start: 1st March 2013
End: 3rd March 2013 
Location: Cefn Lea



Friday 18th Jan and Saturday 19th Jan 2013

N:Vision -


Join us on Friday 18th January from 7.30pm through to 5pm Saturday 19th.

You are warmly invited to join with other leaders from around the country to come together, fellowship, and learn from one another. For this first N:Vision of 2013 we will be opening up thoughts and ideas around Restoration Theology.

On the Friday evening we will give time to eat together over dinner and on the Saturday we shall hear from Gareth Duffty as he unpacks teaching on Restoration. There will be plenty of scope for Q&A, and discussion sessions.

N:Vision costs just £10.

Closing date for bookings: 10th January 2013, for a direct booking please contact Kathi Kelly: JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING .



Address: Nettle Hill, Brinklow Road, Ansty, Coventry, CV7 9JL