Theology Days

Theology Days - COVENANT     The aim of these two days is to re-look at our biblical understanding and its implication on life and practice.

We are taking time to enquire further on our understanding of Covenant.   The dates are Tuesday and Wednesday 25th & 26th September 2012, venue, Nettle Hill, commencing on the 25th at 10AM promptly, concluding at 4:00 PM on the following day. 

We have invited the following to deliver papers: -

Tony Ling  Tony Ling is a widely recognised prophet, and has ministered extensively worldwide as part of the apostolic team, "Ministries Without Borders."  He and his wife, Hazel, who died in 2002, served in Cornwall, England, during the rise of the radical "House Church Movement." He attended All Nations Missionary College and earned a Master's degree from Birmingham University.  (He has two sons and five grandchildren)      

Rod Anderson (Prayer Foundation - Rod  & Julie) best known for his uncompromising and direct message of renewing the mind to God’s Word His desire is to see believers released into the fullness of God’s plan for their lives. His ministry is one of developing an intimacy with the Father through a life of prayer and communion with the Holy Spirit. A trademark of his ministry is the humour, and clarity, with which the Gospel of Jesus Christ is communicated. Born in Southern California he has lived in Great Britain since 1983. He came to Britain as Director of a Bible school in London and soon pioneered a church where he was Pastor for three years. He also served as European Director of Edwin Louis Cole Ministries.

Adam McKeown (All Nations, Coventry,  BA(hons) Theology, Cardiff University
- Certificate in Biblical Studies, Covenant School of Ministries: School of the Word) Adam is living in Coventry with his wife Ali and is passionate about the word and the Kingdom.

The days will not only be open sharing but time will also be given to discussion and discovery corporately.

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Genesis Factor Report

Genesis Factor Report by Dan Russell 

Despite sounding like a creationist seminar the Genesis Factor ranges far wider than discussions of how the physical world came into being and focuses on the spiritual aspects of the events outlined in Genesis 1. The seminar we took part in is a short version of the longer course Dr John Mastrogiovanni teaches at his home Church in Monrovia, California. John is a gifted Hebrew scholar and bible teacher and brings to his material a deep passion for the outworking of the purpose of God in all our lives.

Taking the original Hebrew as his text, John uses established rabbinical understanding of the meaning of the Hebrew letters themselves to unpack the richness of meaning God hid in there. The aim of the course is to show in a greater depth the purpose of God in creation and John certainly succeeds in doing that.

Ultimately, however the Genesis Factor isn't about intellectual knowledge but sharpening spiritual hunger, and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who wants to know God more deeply. I don't know when Dr John will next be in the UK to teach this, however he is putting together a video series of the longer course. I'm really looking forward to it and hope we can make this valuable teaching more widely known.

Global Leadership Summit Report

Global Leadership Summit Report

Global leadership Summit held in May was a very rich time in word, fellowship and reaching into God together.    Ministers from several continents shared the word of God, with much focus on the British Isles and the work of the Spirit in the lives of us as Leaders.    

We began with Dr. Lalith Mendes sharing a wealth of instruction, focussing us to maintain a permanent view of heaven, taken from the life of Steven; some poignant statements were: what you see and root is what you get; unless you die to something you are not living.

Jimmy Mas who was amongst us for the first time was such a blessing, encouraging us as leaders to disciple people to have a passion for the church in the same way as God has a passion for the Bride.

Jan Slabbert ministered powerfully about the  wonderful life we have been given, even with momentary light afflictions, the word ministered deeply to so many.

We were richly rewarded with revelation and encouragement from other ministers also, including, John Mastriogiavanni, Ralph Gloeckner, Gareth and Sandra Duffty and Cedric Pekeur, who although he was only able to join us for part of the time due to visa delays, ministered so in line with all that had already been spoken, it became  so obvious that the Lord was speaking a direct word through his servants.    

During the weekend time was also taken to minister to those who had travelled to our nation from overseas,  there was much prophetic flow, it was such a blessing to flow together, and be in one heart heart with men and women from across the globe.   The Lord has knit hearts together and jointed us in his body for purpose and we will continue to journey together holding one another up before the throne in prayer and commitment.