C. Baxter Kruger ....The Great Dance

Dates: 9th - 11th June 2015

Venue: Nettle Hill, Coventry, CV7 9JL

Cost:- £85

Daily Rate £32

Half Day £16


Tel: 02476 621899

Dr. C. Baxter Kruger, theologian, writer and fishing lure designer and the Director of Perichoresis Ministries. Baxter is a native of Prentiss, Mississippi. He and his wife Beth have been married for 30 years and have 4 children.

A life long student of psychology, Baxter has  degrees in political science, divinity, and he earned his Doctor of Philosophy from Kings College, Aberdeen University in Aberdeen, Scotland under Professor James B. Torrance.

He is the author of 8 books, including The Great Dance, Jesus and the Undoing of Adam and Across All Worlds, and recently the international bestseller, The Shack Revisited. He teaches around the world. He is an avid outdoorsman and holds two United States patents for his fishing lure designs. He is also the founder and President of Mediator Lures.

Take this opportunity to join us in the heart of the nation as we explore the Great Dance, Christ in us and so much more.   This is a moment not to be missed, time for conversation, discussion and listening to Baxter Kruger.    We look forward to sharing this time with you.

Francois Du Toit and The Mirror Conferences

You are Invited to a Mirror Word Conference with Francois & Lydia Du Toit - Translator of the Mirror Bible

We are to be part of a mature bride, bringing the fullness of Christ to all of creation. Creation is waiting for a people group who will be so attractive, carrying a freedom that causes creation to cry out to embrace freedom. ‘Good News’ each of us have been enabled to participate in the Restoration of the Image and Likeness of God.

The Keynote Speaker is 
Francois & Lydia du Toit - Francois grew up in a home where Jesus was lived and loved. They met while working with Youth For Christ in 74. Francois studied Greek and Hebrew at the University of Pretoria & Lydia is a qualified nurse. In 1979 they married & are blessed with four children, Renaldo, Tehilla, Christo and Stefan. They worked in full-time mission for fourteen years, during which time they also pastored a church and led a training facility for more than 700 students over a five-year period. For 10 years they engaged in business, returning to live by the Gospel in 2004. They now travel extensively. Francois has written several books, he is currently passionately engaged in continuing with The Mirror Translation.

Yearn for the wide open seas....

7th & 8th February 2014
“…yearn for the wide open seas…"

We are excited as we begin to journey into 2104 sensing a fresh moment of grace, grace to work and see much fruit together.   It is our desire to work together to see the kingdom of God increased through every town, village and city this year.
We are calling you therefore to join us for this first n:Vision of 2014, let us journey this season of grace together, let us yearn for the open seas, stir up the gifts that are amongst us and make an impact in the nation for the kingdom.    

Friday during the day will be a time for us as leaders to gather together, inspire one another and be refreshed in the grace of God for this moment.   It will be a significant time so please do all you can to be there.

N:Vision costs just £10.



Address: Nettle Hill, Brinklow Road, Ansty, Coventry, CV7 9JL