Launched words

Launched Words…

I turned the pages of my electronic bible over, what a strange action, I am always amazed what these computers can do and how they sound, I continued to read waiting and anticipating the Spirit of God to have gone deep within God looking for fresh insight to be brought into my daylight (1 Cor. 2:10).     With anticipation I read on knowing that when God reveals it will have an implication for me, to make it part of my life, embracing the revelation in every way.    Then it arrived as an arrow in flight it pierced my clouded mind and thought patterns and broke through into my being.   It read “He launches his promises earthward how swift and sure they come!” (Psalm147:15), WOW, WOW! the Father launches, its trajectory set, its path calculated and course set, away it goes a promise of the Father.

I realised that the overcomer overcomes through the strength of God also by the living promises of God.     What about transforming what God has said into a pregnant promise, into words with power, into sentences that are God filled.   For is this not a promise from heaven a God filled sentence?    Not just words on a page, Biblical promises but launched, swift to arrive words,“for none of his words will return void” not sound bites to quote but heavy invested words!   Perhaps promises spoken long ago taken back into the face of God through my conversations with the Father, my prayer and returned as “Reverse Thunder” (Rev 16:17-21) with my words invested into again with Gods substance  and creation is effected”

If promises have been launched towards Gods creation should we not consider what they are?    Making known what has been uttered, what has been said towards creation and humanity.   What has been promised as the ultimate intention of God, we have the duty and responsibility to make them known.

Launched promises God speaks – thank goodness God has words, this God of ours
God speakers words that work
God directs speaking words having a direction in them
Speaking must be twined to hearing, so let God speak and let us hear and take heed of promises
Promises launched in words that work!      A promise making God, a promise keeping Father, an ever extending God via spoken words – literally God changing shape in us and around us by utterance, words,  within those words are God.

So where from here? take the book of words, of promise, the scripture, Spirit uttered words and collated promises spoken to all creation, to humanity, to the church of God, to you and me.   Begin to revel in the spoken promises, begin to consider that these are not thoughts, nice reading passages but fulfilling promises.   For through promises we will live gloriously, don’t just wait until they arrive or happen live in the glorious light of these words.

The arrows of Gods promises.