Wind of Change blows

Author: Gareth Duffty

Change in Harvest

“Rebels make advance…”, “Assad family rule if Syria…”, “Up to a million flee from Ivory Coast…”, what’s happening across Northern Africa and the Arab States?

What changing times we are in once again. Some of us are not too old to recall when a wind of change blew across Eastern Europe and walls fell. Now we see the cracks in other walls. First, Egypt then Tunisia, now Bahrain, Yemen, Syria and currently Libya fill our news, screens and papers.

A couple of weeks ago two teenage sisters marched across a stretch of no mans land in central Bahrain with a national flag and a flower to lay at the feet of the police and army. Directly following their walk, they were captured in TV interviews in floods of tears declaring that they would die for freedom sake. O Lord help us!

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The Kingdom Increases with indisputable evidence

Author: Gareth Duffty

Mark 16:20 (Message Translation)

And the disciples went everywhere preaching, the Master working right with them, validating the Message with indisputable evidence.

Can we come to a place today, where we are confident to know that the master is working right with us, that he is along side our work and declaration. That he awaits the words we speak in order that he might work right alongside us.

Authentic ministry is when the master works along side you.

Can we simply step into the confidence of this, with the immediate walking of a faith that says, ‘I speak’, ‘he works’ then the ‘validation’ and ‘evidence ‘are the products.

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Justice for All!

Author: Gareth Duffty

It sounds like a protest chant or a march through the streets of the capital declaring loudly “Justice for all”. I must admit I have never intentionally joined any protest march or any political chanting in the streets, so I may be a heathen declaring the chant. However, last Saturday I met my daughter and her boyfriend in London where she has relocated in order to take a Masters in Art at Wimbledon Art School. We met to enjoy good company and take a walk around the city. While chatting, it came to light that one of our party had never stood outside Buckingham Palace. So we went to put that right. While walking down the mall towards Trafalgar Square, we were amazed to discover that the Pope was due to take that very route later in the day.

As we continued towards Whitehall and passed all the government buildings, the crowd began to back up and we were caught in political jostling and shouting. Our walk was stopped when an estimated 10,000 people were met by luminous yellow clad police lined up 4 people deep. They were there to prevent protestors against the Pope going any further. We had somehow managed to accidentally wander into the midst of the protest. People could walk freely from parliament to Trafalgar, but you were included as a protester regardless of who you were if you were coming the opposite direction and thus prevented from walking along Whitehall any further.

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