Days of Wonder

Author: Sandra Duffty

Do you ever wonder what the day will hold? What those in power will decide on your behalf? What shifts will take place in economic structures? What will happen to the universe because of global warming? Do you wonder when wars will end, how the universe hangs together, if there’s life on Mars or how your body with all its intricate working functions? Do you wonder if you have it within you to meet the trials of the day? Do you wonder about the sort of people you will encounter today or how to make your finances stretch?

Do you wonder what was in God’s thinking when he created the universe and why He would choose to adopt you into His family, becoming a joint heir with Christ? Do you consider the enormous transaction that has taken place in you, exchanging your old nature for a new God-like one? Are you aware of the possibilities? You have within you the ability to create and destroy, to build, to bring hope and peace into this world. It’s a great exchange - living your life by another’s grace - as He is, so are we in the world.

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Apostolic Revelation

Author: Paul Hubbard

The first apostles had a unique anointing and authority given them by Christ to lay foundation, to craft and build the church wisely. So too the apostles of our day, says Paul Hubbard. Far from being extinct, these gifts are given by God until the church becomes perfect and mature (Eph 4 v13). What resulted in their day was phenomenal!

Familiarity and flawed thinking?

Although many of us pride ourselves on our understanding of the nature, character and working of the apostolic and prophetic ministries given to the church, it seems clear to me that there are, nevertheless, still some flaws in our thinking!

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Lets’ Keep Moving

Author: Gareth Duffty

Hitting the Mark

You cannot get away from Paul’s encouragement to have one goal in mind and heart as we travel through our Christian journey; the goal to become more and more like Christ until ‘he fills all things’ or until he has the pre-eminence in our lives. In the book of Philippians he says we are to ‘press on towards the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus’.

It was with this in mind that we set out to Hit the Mark at this year's Let’s Keep Moving Conference knowing we had a great call to respond together as well as marks along the way to hit individually as we give ourselves more and more to the work of the Kingdom.

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