The Promise of the Four Rivers

Article by Esther Rowlands

The Promise of the Four Rivers

Since the start of February, I have had a continuous open vision of four rivers in the formation of a cross. The centre point, driven by a strong current, is a whirlpool of life. The waters that I see are fresh, fast-moving and vivacious with a purposeful energy to them, not dissimilar to the rolling waves in Van Gogh’s swirling river paintings.

The centre point from which the four rivers originate is Eden, (the place of ‘delight’). The four rivers within the cross formation are as follows. The first is Pishon (‘free flow’) which flows though the land of Havilah [1] the place of the ‘eternal circle’, ‘dancing’ and ‘swirling’ and producer of ‘gold’, ‘onyx’[2] and ‘Bdellium’[3] . The second is Gihon (‘bursting forth’). The third is Tigris (‘rapid running waters’). The fourth is Euphrates (‘fruitfulness’).

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Report From USA by Sandra Duffty


Report on USA Visit By Sandra Duffty

February usually brings around a visit to California for Gareth and myself, and this year was no different. We left the cold shores of the UK and landed in San Diego sunshine, quite an exchange. We believe God has a great plan for California and it is our desire to continue to travel and engage with what God is unfolding there. It's amazing to consider that over the last 100 years that this USA state was so significant in the economy of God. Many moves of God that had great affect across the world came from the West coast, We believe there is still much more to flow from there and a harvest will come!

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Visit to India-February 2012

Visit to India - February 2012   by Mike and Elaine Cluett

We first visited the Church in Agra in February 2011.


In February this year we again accompanied George Jarvis, the pastor of the Airedale Church in Keighley, to support and work at the Sharonsthan Children's Home in Agra, North India.  What a privilege!  What a pleasure!  How exciting, rewarding, and fulfilling!

The first impact was the immediate recognition of brothers and sisters in Christ – one body!  Our oneness, mutual love, and ease of fellowship contributed greatly to a wonderful experience.  Secondly, the realization that in spite of the poverty, deprivation, and chaos that characterizes Northern India, the Church is very much alive, active, growing, and zealous.

George preached on many occasions including 3 Gospel Meetings at which we had the thrill of seeing many come into a relationship with God.  We were thrilled to join in with the worship and to help with prayer ministry after the meetings.

Mike was also privileged to address different churches. On one occasion he had to travel to a satellite church on the back of a motorbike to the far side of Agra – somewhat daunting but exciting!  The Church met on top of a flat roofed home overlooking the Taj Mahal in the setting sunshine; glorious!  The Church’s welcome, expressions of love, their eagerness to worship and their hunger for the word of God; as with all the other Churches we were involved with, all made a great impression upon us.

Our main roles were to help the students with their studies and to work with the house-parents each morning to build up a team ethos and team approach to their work. We did this largely through the medium of games.  We also introduced them to several social games to play with their children which although alien to their culture were gratefully and warmly received.  At the house- parent’s request, we also did a lot of English teaching with them.  We enjoyed lots of fun together while teaching them how to help and support their children to understand basic concepts.  We built strong relationships and friendships with the house-parents that will last.  We organized outdoor games for the children and took several evening devotions for both the younger and older youth.  Again, their worship was enthusiastic; they were eager to be involved; and following an open invitation to pray, the difficulty was bringing the prayer time to an end.

Our hosts, Pastor Ralph Gloeckner, who has an apostolic ministry in Northern India, and his Indian wife, Renuka, who together run the Children’s Home, looked after us and fed us wonderfully well.  We also enjoyed several meals at co-pastors homes, at churches we ministered to, at house-parents, and other staff homes on the Sharonsthan complex.

Our trip out this year was the direct response to our prayers.  We didn’t just want to go out for our own benefit but to serve.  God in his grace allowed us to serve and in doing so we enjoyed the most exciting, exuberating, and fulfilling experience imaginable.  If God determines, it would be a great blessing to return to our family in Agra in future years.

Mike and Elaine Cluett