Miracle Workers, Reformers and The New Mystics

John Crowder (Author)

Book Review by Sandra Duffty

Miracle Workers, Reformers and The New Mystics

I want to highly recommend this book, “Miracle Workers, Reformers and The New Mystics” by John Crowder, published by Destiny Image in 2006. In this book you will learn How to become part of The Supernatural Generation.

In it you will discover the lives of William Branham, William Seymour, Aimee Semple McPherson, George Whitfield, Sundar Singh, Brother Lawrence, Charles Finney and so many more...

If you are hungry for more of God, for a depth of seeing, touching and handling the things of the Kingdom, for your passion to be fuelled and your desire to see the Kingdom come with power and signs in our day, then do not miss this.

John Crowder unfolds the workings of God in mankind throughout history, highlighting men and women who chose not to be settlers but those who embraced their sonship with all its challenges and lived a life of sign and wonder and abundance.

He charts the working of the spirit through the generations, and in so doing stirs up a faith for today, as we, together with those who have gone on before, pick up our baton and finish our race, that together we might all receive the prize.

Many radicals are highlighted. Today God is looking for radicals, those who are so in love with the Christ and are ready to pursue the Kingdom with all they have within them.

I leave you with a number of quotes to whet your appetite...

“He is not looking for perfection he is looking for relationship.”

“Sometimes our greatest sin is settling for a mundane life…and not stepping out into the unknown. God is looking for courageous pioneers. He would rather us step out in faith than sit on the sidelines, afraid of operating in presumption.”

“An active and living faith will always be marked by paradigm shifts, in which our existing framework of faith is constantly challenged. No true progress can be attained without opposition – we have to swim against streams. Only living fish swim against the current…”

“Keith Green said... he always liked it when his picture of God was turned upside down. That is the only way our vision can grow. Unless the idol of our tiny perspective of Jesus is laid on the altar, there is never room for the real Jesus to enter the room.”

“Anyone who is called to pursue a life of abandoned devotion to God must be prepared to have their understanding of Him totally wrecked.”

“Our perception and the way we experience God can become a thing of idolatry at times, and He has to break our shadowy concepts and inner experience of Him in order to take us to a higher level.”

“It is almost guaranteed that while we are being broken, we will not be able to see or comprehend the new level of glory to which we are being taken, until we get there.”

I trust this is enough to make you hungry…

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