From Home to the Throne

Tony Wastall (Author)

Book Review by Sally Murcutt

From Home to the Throne

I thought I knew the story of Joseph inside out having been told it from the earliest of ages. But this book brought alive and revealed another dimension to this old and much loved story.

Tony parallels Joseph’s life to that of Jesus. At each stage of Joseph’s life he draws out the similarities of what was happening to him and the lessons being learnt and what Jesus went through when he lived on earth. Tony also challenges the reader to ask searching questions of themselves and very kindly writes those at the end of each chapter.

Personally I was challenged on how easily we lose heart and forget the dreams that God has given us. Without those dreams, those promises, Joseph would not have been able to remain in a positive frame of mind and defeat the enemy who tried just about every means to break him and his trust in God.

I loved the last chapter on the restoration of Jacob. This was so encouraging to realise that Jacob, one of the patriarchs, lived in unbelief for twenty two years but how God exonerated and restored him before he died. Amazing!

I thoroughly recommend this book; it’s easy to read and keeps you hooked until the very last page - but prepare to be challenged!

Forward by David Carr, Renewal Christian Centre

"In this book Tony Wastall speaks simply, clearly and profoundly over issues that not only surrounded Joseph but are applicable to all people in every generation.

Many of us recognise pain and anguish that come through trial yet Tony makes it clear that it is our attitude to God and the way we are prepared to deal with those issues that finally releases us into our destiny.

This book makes you read the scriptures and find the answers for yourself. I recommend it highly".