Redefining Childrens Ministry in the 21st Century

Becky Fischer (Author)

Book Review by Sandra Duffty

Redefining Childrens Ministry in the 21st Century

This book, both inspiring and challenging, is a must read for all ministries, pastors, elders, children’s workers and parents.

The day in which we live, being a day for revival and harvest, open heaven and heightened spiritual awareness, requires that we ensure we serve the full body of Christ, equipping all the saints for the work of the ministry.

This book will challenge you to the core on how you see and train the young amongst your community. Not only will it challenge you but you will be inspired to reach for more and raise the bar on your expectations. Clear practical guidance and testimonies of children walking in a fuller revelation of the ways of God are all outlined.


Allow me to share some excerpts from the book with you to whet your appetite:

“Our children need to be trained to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit at young ages.”

“It should be common to hear that a church has a children’s prayer team, a children’s evangelism team, a children’s prophetic ministry, a children’s worship team, and a children’s healing team.”

“Have the children ever been taught about the glory of God, been taken into the holy of holies through worship, learned about the power of the blood of Jesus and been taught how to hear the voice of the shepherd?”

“We leaders in the church world at large have been excellent about telling our children about the acts of God but terrible about teaching them His ways.”

“Our children are spiritually anemic for lack of real spiritual food. It is better for our children to know God than to merely know about him.”

“Our children’s ministries must become clinics of functioning Christianity where children become active participants in Kingdom activities.”

“I am just radical enough to believe we need to give our kids the best – the best preachers, teachers, prophets, evangelists, apostles, musicians etc.”

“We have to stop giving our kids the second string in every area.”

“We have to become fanatically obsessed with equipping them with the best of everything.”

“What an army for God we would have if we could catch a vision for raising our children from the womb to serve their master all the days of their lives.”

The above quotes really do not do the book justice; you have to read it to catch the full extent of the heart and the vision. The writing has an easy flow making the book easy to read and digest. Do not miss this opportunity to have your heart enlarged and your ministry broadened, read this book and see how you can equip the young people with you to serve the living God more ably.