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Johnny Kinch (Author)


Johnny be Good

Easter weekend saw the launch of Johnny Be Good the true-life story of a celebrity whose life went horribly wrong due to drink and drugs. Actor, Johnny Kinch, tells his story in a bare-all book about how he became an alcoholic, was dealing drugs, and who consumed vast amounts of cocaine. He says he smoked 40 cigarettes a day, developed a gambling addiction and was issued with an electronic tag.

He also admits to mugging people, being on medication for psychotic behaviour and obsessive compulsive disorder and being in prison, and all this after working so hard to get into the most prestigious acting school in the world; RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art).

Book Excerpt

Oscar Wilde once, said, we are all in the gutter but some of us are staring at the stars that summed me up! I noticed a familiar face in the corner of the room. Full of confidence from the coke, I went over to talk to him. It was Mark Owen from Take That . He looked kind of sad, although, I dread to think what I looked like. I sat up and caught a glimpse of what I thought was blood; it was running down his hands and collecting in a pool on the floor. He d cut his wrists with a piece of broken glass but not in the usual way from side to side, he d torn open the veins down his arms exposing them length ways. I got by on money I begged, stole or borrowed. This was when my gambling became totally out of control and I even started dealing drugs to pay for my lavish lifestyle. I was taking about two and a half grams of coke a day for about two thirds of the week and the rest of the time was spent recovering. At the time I was getting serious liver pains and would pass blood in my urine. This was caused by the ridiculous amounts of alcohol I'd consume when out of it on coke. I would go out and drink until I could drink no more and to enable me to see the night through, I would do line after line of coke, which would instantly sober me up and give me the ability to drink doubles and trebles without even being affected. Taking coke was so addictive. I would salivate at the mere thought of having a line. When that white powder hit the back of my nose and slid down my throat, instantly numbing it, it delivered the best rush I could ever wish to experience. It was 100% pure unadulterated ecstasy. But one line was never enough for me and I had fallen under its spell. I would take so much that my whole body would literally be shaking and I would have to stuff bog roll up my nose to stem the flow of the constant nosebleeds. I was in a terrible state and became so paranoid about dying that I'd go to sleep with my hand on my chest so I could feel my heart beating. I was getting involved with the wrong kind of people and my status from celebrity quickly dissolved and I became the local joke. Nobody wanted to know me anymore and I was fast becoming mentally unstable. How much longer could my body and mind take this barrage of drugs, drink, gambling, debt, lying, stealing, binge eating, smoking, not sleeping, taking medication and having a head spilling over with thoughts of suicide was anyone s guess. This is what I had to put up with everyday. I had no control then I did it...I took an overdose! It was Sunday the 10th of October 2004 at 12.20pm, when I asked God to forgive me for all the terrible things I'd done and declared that from that point, I would follow Jesus whatever the cost for the rest of my life!

About the Author

Actor, Johnny Kinch once worked with the likes of Neil Morrissey and Ralph Little in Paradise Heights was seen in Soapstars and Emmerdales Search for a New Family, Doctors and The Bill, but incredibly; he blew the lot! Until one day after years of homelessness and after trying to take his own life he had an encounter that would change his life forever...