Reveal - Where are You?

Greg L Hawkins & Cally Pearson (Authors)


Reveal - Where are You?

Are you really making a difference? How do you know? Do you ever lie awake at night wondering...

So our programmes really help people grow? Are we putting our resources into ministries that genuinely change lives? Are we helping people to become more like Christ, or just keeping them busy?

For years, church leaders have relied on numbers to help answer questions like these. In other words, we ask the “How many?” question. How many… attend each week? Are in small groups? Actively serve? Tithe?

Numbers can be helpful, but they don’t reveal the whole storey. Numbers can’t peer into the human heart.

When it comes to spiritual growth, we need to be able to measure more than numbers. We need a glimpse of people’s attitudes, thoughts and emotions. We need a tool that reveals the heart of each person.

In an effort to better understand the hearts of people, Willow Creek Community Church undertook a three-year process of study and research to find a way to measure spiritual growth, and to see whether the church was accomplishing its mission of facilitating that growth. To that end, they surveyed not only their own congregation, but also six other churches across the United States.

The results of the study were startling. Long-held assumptions crumbled, and Willow Creek came to grips with the fact that things had to change.

Now Willow Creek invites you to learn from its findings. You’ll discover the four segments that characterize the journey of spiritual growth. You’ll learn more about what catalyses and stunts spiritual growth. And you’ll understand how the church needs to change in order to help people become more like Christ.

What you discover here may challenge you. Or confirm nagging suspicions you’ve had all along. Either way, the findings in REVEAL will undoubtedly change the way you think about the church - and what it really takes to make a difference.