Beyond Sex Roles

Gilbert Bilezikian (Author)

Book Review by George Jarvis

 Beyond Sex Roles

If ever a book was brought to my attention at the right time, it was this book by Gilbert Bilezikian, who is a leader in the Willow Creek Community Church, and also a teacher of biblical studies at Wheaton College.

It came at a time when, along with a number of colleagues, I was looking afresh at the role of women in the church, particularly in the matter of church leadership. I had come to a point in my spirit where I felt that there was virtually no limitation to the part a woman could play within the church community. This in itself was an about turn for me as for many years of enjoying the ministry of women, I stopped short of believing they could occupy primary leadership roles. I was now searching for a solid Biblical basis for my ‘newly forming’ belief.

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The Seer - The Prophetic Power of Visions, Dreams and Open Heavens

Jim W Goll (Author)

Book Review by Sandra Duffty

The Seer

The Seer by Jim Goll is an excellent guide for the Body of Christ on the gift of the Seer amongst the prophetic community of God’s people.

I recommend this book to all who have a desire to move deeper into the prophetic realm and explore the depths and heights of God. The book is grounded in the word and carries a balance whilst still seeking to extend the boundaries.

“Jim couples breathtaking revelation, with wisdom, piercing insight, high spirituality with balance and accountability, new knowledge and understanding with exciting mystical experience.”  John Sandford – Elijah House International.

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