Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus

Ann Spangler & Lois Tverberg (Authors)

Book Review by Simon and Nikki Mills

There seems to be a proliferation of materials that take into account a cultural and historical view of the Biblical narrative. This could be down to the popularity of people like Rob Bell and Brian McLaren.

But where do they get it all from and why are they so frustratingly brief with the coverage they give in their books – leaving a vague reference to ‘the Hebrew mind’. Well, for a good easy reading over view of some of these ideas, Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus: How the Jewishness of Jesus Can Transform Your Faith, is a good start.

It covers the Jewish background of Jesus, the Jewishness of His teaching and the rich context into which He spoke. I found it to be a revelation. It’s a whole different worldview and a different way of thinking.

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Surprised by grief

Janine Fair (Author)

Book Review by Lyn White

Surprised by grief

Janine Fair was in her early 30’s with 2 small children (a 1 yr old and 3yr old) when her husband Richard died suddenly one night in June 2004. There were no warnings and no preparation for this tragic event. In her book, Janine very coherently takes us through the turmoil and challenges of this situation of extreme grief.

It is a journey through her grief and Janine allows us to enter in to the private world of the deep emotion she experienced and the journey she has taken since then.

Through it all, God was her constant companion and guide. It was He who gave her the strength and grace to continue and her journey through grief is a testimony to the love of God that has drawn her on.

Janine places her grief in the context of a transition in order to understand her ‘voyage of hope’ ending with gratitude to God for all she has received from him.

If you have been bereaved or know someone in a similar situation, do read this book. Her raw grief is a challenge, but I was helped in my understanding of this very personal tragedy for someone who is now my friend and neighbour.