United We Stand

Hillsong United | Format: Audio CD

Review by Rich Houghton

Hillsong United

The latest offering from the Hillsong United production machine is as we’ve come to expect: a well-written and well-produced album, even exceeding the high standards they’ve previously set themselves.

Past albums have included such excellent compilations as ‘Look to You’ and ‘More than Life’, but ‘United We Stand’ is even more polished, even more exhilarating, and packed with an even better selection of what Hillsong do best: sensitive ballads, anthemic choruses and full-on guitar-driven rock worship songs.

United We Stand displays all the Hillsong United trademarks: catchy and ‘singable’ melodies, memorable electric guitar riffs, and passionate worship right from the heart. Creative song writing and interesting melody/chord structures don’t always go hand-in-hand with inspiring worship songs, but Hillsong United have set the standard here, and you can see why. For me, this album works equally well as a personal accompaniment to worship, simply for pure musical enjoyment, or as a resource for the local church.

Personal favourites of mine include ‘From the Inside Out’, ‘None but Jesus’ and ‘The Stand’, mainly for the pure, intimate and raw worship they convey and inspire. Beautiful in simplicity, these are songs and lyrics that clearly catch a moment in local church life, whilst echoing God’s worldwide purpose.

If there are any negatives, it would only be that with such a well-evolved album of songs in terms of song writing, musicianship, vocals and production, some of the songs here are just too complex to be reproduced by your average music team, making it in some ways unattainable. However, we must be grateful and honour Hillsong for their perseverance and commitment in not settling for what they’ve already achieved, but continually pressing forward, pushing boundaries and breaking new ground.

“And the cry of my heart is to bring you praise, from the inside out, Lord my soul cries out…”

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