Skillet | Format: Audio CD

Review by Abi Duffty


Ever since their debut album, Skillet have had a depth in quality of words and music, and Comatose does not disappoint.   The depth and rawness of the language moves you to feel the emotion behind the words, while the music accompanies you through the journey of the song.

Comatose means: ‘to be in a state of deep sleep and an unusually prolonged unconsciousness; unable to respond.’ This is one overpowering message that I feel moves through all the songs, but particularly in ‘Looking for Angels’, emphasising here the importance that we wake up to what is going on around us, instead of living in comatose.

The overall sound of Comatose brings more ballads; in songs such as ‘Yours to Hold’, however, it still holds power in ‘Better than Drugs’.


They have veered away from the metal side on this record and hit us with a grungy sound and bringing Korey back in to sing is definitely a big plus to the recording.

Their ability to mix ballad with hardcore rock has come together well on this album, along with their surpassing ability to communicate with their audience.

Overall this album is a great one, and it is available on