Here is Love

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Live Worship from Bethel Church | Format: Audio CD


Here is Love

As a fan of JesusCulture, I couldn’t resist purchasing this live worship album from Bethel Church featuring my favourite JesusCulture artists (e.g. Kim Walker-Smith and Chris Quilala)... and I wasn’t disappointed.

Although perhaps slightly lacking the raw edge that is a real trademark of JesusCulture albums, this is a classy and dynamic live worship album that hits right to the heart.

I like the balance of Bethel’s own stuff (with a good contribution from Brian Johnson) mingled with their version of some great songs by well-known artists such as Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman and Hillsong. These covers really keep the integrity of the original artist’s heart with the added distinctive Bethel flavour and intensity which brings a nice freshness.


And what surprised (and pleased!) me most was a cheeky addition of David Gray’s Babylon chorus which really hits the mark as a climax to ‘I Love Your Presence’. And knowing something about Bethel Church I can fully understand and respect their choice of songs for this album with an emphasis on the heart, encountering God and healing. Good stuff.

You can really sense the heart of these passionate worshippers through their spontaneous and honest cries to God, and it is this that draws me most and keeps me listening repeatedly.

I would recommend this album as a slightly more mainstream alternative to JesusCulture or a slightly more edgy and spontaneous alternative to Hillsong. It is a glimpse of worship at Bethel that I’m sure will provoke an open heartedness and encounter with God as it fuels your worship.

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