Skillet | Format: Audio CD

Review by Abi Duffty


Ever since their debut album, Skillet have had a depth in quality of words and music, and Comatose does not disappoint.   The depth and rawness of the language moves you to feel the emotion behind the words, while the music accompanies you through the journey of the song.

Comatose means: ‘to be in a state of deep sleep and an unusually prolonged unconsciousness; unable to respond.’ This is one overpowering message that I feel moves through all the songs, but particularly in ‘Looking for Angels’, emphasising here the importance that we wake up to what is going on around us, instead of living in comatose.

The overall sound of Comatose brings more ballads; in songs such as ‘Yours to Hold’, however, it still holds power in ‘Better than Drugs’.


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Faith: A Hymns Collection

Avalon | Format: Audio CD

Review by Gareth Duffty

Faith: A Hymns Collection

What a find I discovered while looking at iTunes USA, Avalon – Faith: A Hymns Collection. I feel a little upset that we Brits cannot purchase off the USA site and make life a little cheaper.

Anyway as I said, what a find! A collection of hymns that are well known like Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee, Christ Alone and Blessed Assurance - but boy it ministers.

I am not qualified to comment on the technical and musical ability of the work, yet I can tell you that every time I listen to some of the tracks I am moved into a sense of God being near. The songs are presented in traditional melodies but with new instruments and therefore carry a contemporary sound. I cannot help being moved when I listen to the harmony of I'll Fly Away or even the classic Amazing Grace - it speaks to the inner person and catches you again in a way that the writer has, for many years, communicated the truth.

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