Chris Tomlin | Format: Audio CD

Review by Gideon Maybury


‘Arriving’ is a great example of the new wave of worshippers expressing themselves in current styles. ‘How great is our God’ has already become a classic praise song in our home church and the various churches that we visit.

There is a clear passion and energy that shines through the songs on this album which causes a stir to engage in worship. This is highlighted by the clear devotion that comes through in Chris’s voice – it’s not only music, it is worship!

As a worship leader, what makes the music on this album even more special is that it is easily sung within the congregational setting. The style is strong but laid back enabling you to sing with an ‘anthem-like’ style and just open your heart. The lyrics are also clear and uplifting for a new generation of worshipping followers of Jesus. ‘It’s a Miracle to Me’ is a clear example of this.

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