We Speak To Nations

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We Speak To Nations………. Be Open !

“My house shall be called a house of prayer for all the Nations…………”

This information is a collection of information, facts and prayer points for many of the countries we are working with relationally across the world.

Together our desire is to see the knowledge of the glory of the Lord cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.

Please join us in prayer for visible evidences of the Kingdom of God across these nations.

It is our privilege to work together into the nations as ambassadors of Christ in the world.   We are acutely aware of our mandate to see the Kingdom of God manifested on earth, seeing the glory of God covering the earth as the City of God arises.

It is our desire to celebrate the effectiveness of the gospel in the world, and stand in the gap to pray for all the nations.   This is our priestly ministry – to be a house of prayer for all nations; if Christ is truly alive within us we will be drawn to bless all creation.

The following information is designed to inform our prayers, enabling us to pray with knowledge into the nations where the grace of God has brought about relational connections.

We acknowledge that not all nations are represented, however we believe that as we are faithful to carry the burden of the Lord for those with whom we are joined, the Lord will extend our borders.

Please join us to pray and speak the Word of the Lord over the Nations.


Nations in your Neighbourhood

Jesus said, “Go………..and make disciples of all nations”  (Matthew 28v19)

We are called to make a difference to the lives of those around us, our neighbours, families and our work colleagues in our towns and cities and ultimately into the world.

When Jesus told his disciples to go and make disciples of ‘all nations’ the word used is ‘ethnos’, from which we get our word ‘ethnic’.   So a modern translation could read, “Go and make disciples of all people groups”.

How many people do you know who are from another people group, in other words a different ethnicity to your own?   You do not have to travel to distant lands to reach people from the nations of the world; the Lord has brought the nations of the world to our doorsteps.

Jesus said to his disciples, “As the father has sent me, I am sending you” (John 20 v21).   The apostle John writes, “As He is, so are we in this world.” (1John4v17)

God communicated his nature by revealing himself through the world he made (Romans 1:19-20).   He sent prophet after prophet to show people the way and finally God came himself – Immanuel, God with us.

God came into our world, and in the same way we should do likewise and enter other people’s worlds, taking Jesus into their world.   Go with LOVE. Genuine, unfeigned love is an international, cross-cultural language; it is the kind of love that is not conditional on people coming to an evangelistic meeting, but an unconditional love. This kind of love never fails; it is to this love the nations are open.


Population: 62.3 million

Main Religions: Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Catholicism

Prayer Points

  • The church to rise up in the power of the Spirit and take ground in the nation, pushing back the powers of darkness and bring in the Kingdom of God.
  • The protection of the freedom of speech, that righteousness and justice are once again established in our nation.   Pray for the government and those in authority.
  • The raising up of a new generation of anointed leaders and for an outpouring of God on the youth of our nation.
  • For the ingathering of souls – a mighty harvest, and the glory of God to cover our nation.


Based in the UK, it is their vision to see a diverse, dynamic people of God, together devoted to growing into the “fullness of Christ”.

Together will plant, establish and relationally connect the communities of God through the UK and Worldwide.

The purpose of Together is to be Christ centered in attitude, relationship and ministry; for his kingdom – the coming of the kingdom and order of God in society and the church; for his church – a living dynamic and diverse expression of the corporate Christ with a culture of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit, displaying the many sided wisdom of God to creation.

We engage in mission to unreached peoples in the UK and to other countries where God has opened up doors of opportunity, to see ministries established, joined together and mutually engaged in council together, to see the full expression of Christ in all creation.

 Congregations in the UK connecting and making transformational changes both at home and overseas

In the UK

Balham Community Church

 Our main partnership is with Citizens Organising Foundation and it's expression primarily in London with London Citizens www.citizensuk.org

We have been involved with this boardbased organisation for several years, which has, as it's main goal to 'contribute to the reweaving of society for the common good'.

The campaigns we have been involved in over the years have all been about justice for the ordinary people of our city:

City Safe (creating safe havens for our young people in response to the rising violence involving young people)

Living Wage (maintaining pressure on London Councils to promote a living wage for Londoners above the national minimum wage)

Housing Our Future (challenging Councils to pay attention to affordable housing in the capital for ordinary citizens)

Strangers Into Citizens (engaging with the government about the tens of thousands of migrants in our city who have no recognised status)

There are many other campaigns which you can look at on the website

Des Figueiredo is currently on the Advisory Board for South London Citizens and also one of the chairs for Wandsworth Citizens

North Derbyshire New Life Church

 Chesterfield - Alfreton - Clay Cross

In the UK

In our early days we were known as Matlock Community Church and the idea of the church serving our community has always been at the heart of who we are and what we do.  Following on from Hope 2008 we are happy to be involved in a mixture of local projects alongside other churches as well as those activities we have undertaken on our own initiative.

Chesterfield Street Pastors

We are really excited that this project is now a reality and New Life Church is actively involved right at the heart of it all.  Dave Bunting is the chair of the Management Team and has been joined by Jacky, recently appointed as Admin Coordinator.  We also have three members of New Life Church who have completed the training and are regularly out on the streets on patrol.

One of the requirements of the Ascension Trust before licensing a team is that churches must agree to work together.  This has not been a problem as there has been no shortage of interest and support from the local churches. We are also really blessed by the support we have received from the local police authority and local government through the Community Safety Officer.  We now have a base in the Town Hall within the Community Safety Office, which we are seeing as a Kingdom opportunity.

The Street Pastors work in teams and each team will be on duty one Saturday night each month 22.00 to 04.00.  Their role is to support the police, working closely with them, club security staff and CCTV.  The Street Pastors may be able to intervene to stop an argument becoming a brawl, saving valuable police time.  They are on the lookout for the lost and the vulnerable who are at risk.  They offer practical help, for example flip-flops to girls whose killer heels are living up to their name, or simply ensure a vulnerable person gets home safely.  They are also well informed about the help that is available for the homeless or those who are trapped by addiction.

Most significant are the conversations that they have with people out on the streets who would never dream of coming into a church.  The Street Pastors are not there to preach, their priority is to ‘care, help and listen’ but just their presence on the street as volunteers at that time of night raises questions and opportunities to talk about God’s unconditional love.

One of the most power weapons in the Street Pastors’ backpack is proving to be the lollipop!  Many times the offer of a lollipop has ceased hostilities long enough for aggression to wane and enabled the Pastors to intervene to prevent a row becoming a fistfight.

The Street Pastors are a practical expression of the church serving our community at it’s point of need.  It’s early days statistics wise, but already we are being told crime figures for the town centre are down 50% on last year and whilst we can’t claim all the glory for that we have been quoted in official local government reports as being a significant contributory factor.

Adullam Homes (Chesterfield and Alfreton)

We were approached by the Adullam Homes to give pastoral support to the young people that they house.  Many of these young people have been in the care system all of their lives and arriving at the grand old age of sixteen are expected to fend for themselves.  Adullam  provides help in this transition with accommodation and trained support workers.  Often the young people arrive and their only possessions are the clothes they are standing in.  We can provide financially to alleviate that problem.

We provide starter packs for each new arrival which consist of the basics they will need …toilet rolls,  tooth brush, soap, washing up liquid, cleaning products, etc. and of course you’re not at home until you’ve had your first cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit or two.  These kits have been very well received and they certainly meet needs.

We invite the young people to join with us in whatever we are doing as a church and also put on events designed to appeal to them.  They requested a paint ball session which we organised and everyone had a great time. We’ve collaborated for baking sessions and to make spaghetti bolognaise and included them in a canal boat trip.  One young man came on our Alpha course, gave his life to Christ, got baptised and is now part of our church family.

 Night Shelter

There was considerable concern that there was nowhere for the homeless to get shelter in Chesterfield.  The authorities had to prioritise because of limited resources and that often meant that there was no help to be had.

Thankfully, together the churches in Chesterfield with the charities Roofstops and Pathways have now got all the necessary permissions and finance to open a night shelter for the winter months at St Leonard’s Church.

Our involvement is through Dave who is the chair of  the enabling group with Churches Together for Chesterfield.

Food Bank

New Life in Clay Cross have forged strong links with Abundant  Life Church in Holmewood and regularly work together.  In particular they were gripped by their vision to set up a food bank.  It has been hard work for all concerned and Clay Cross New Life Church have given their support in terms of finance, time, energy and manpower to help to get this project started.

The food bank is now up and running and is helping people in a really needy area.  Every week people come and  are given a bag full of food that will make healthy meals for either individuals or families according to their need.  There is a café too where people can sit and chat with some of the volunteers.  As a result more than one person has given their life to Christ and the team are seeing lives changed for the better.

Children’s Holiday Clubs

Difficult to be altruistic here because the truth is that at New Life Church we love running holiday clubs.  We could say it’s saving cash strapped parents expensive child care and providing a service to them at least for one week of the holidays but the real reason is the fun we have running them.  We have regularly put on holiday clubs for 5-11 year olds in Alfreton and Chesterfield over more than 25 years.

The sessions are a mix of games, songs, bible stories and craft activities interspersed with plenty of mayhem, thanks to Dave and Martyn  At the same time the children are learning biblical truths and kingdom principles.  We have seen children return year on year which is hopefully an indicator that they enjoy it as much as we do!

Health and Healing Festival

We have had a seven-year involvement in the Clay Cross Health and Healing Festival, with last year being the best yet!  More people than ever were willing to be prayed for at the event itself.  The prayer team exercised words of knowledge which encouraged people and some were healed, praise God!  One lady came along to the Alpha course and was born again and was baptised soon after.

We have begun to offer prayer for healing at our own ‘healing room’ in Clay Cross.  A room in the building where we meet in has been given to us to use so we have spruced it up with a lick of paint.  Starting from the end of September 2011 we have been available on Saturday mornings twice a month to anyone who wants to come in for prayer. The people of Clay Cross are coming and one particular woman of faith has said she is going to keep on coming until she receives her complete healing from God.

Ministering into Care Homes

In Clay Cross we have been ministering into a variety of nursing and care homes and the community hospital.  Latterly two of our ladies have taken the lead in this ministry.  Many of the residents, patients and staff have been extremely grateful for this work as some wonderful changes have been seen in some of the patients.  Also carers and spouses of residents are requesting individual prayer for their loved ones.  Indeed, this is a wonderful ministry of life and hope! 

The Homeless Bus


The last three years has seen us working in the homeless project in Clay Cross.  Once a week we minister to the homeless and vulnerable from a converted double-decker bus.  We provide food, clothing and hot drinks but also a listening ear and an environment where the gospel can be shared and people can be prayed for.  Please pray for a release of finance and manpower for this project

Home for the Homeless

We were looking to get involved with a congregation in Clay Cross to pursue the possibility of setting up a house for homeless people in conjunction with “Green Pastures.” This has gone ahead and the house is now established and filled.  The occupants are supported and cared for by a team from the combined churches.

For information about ‘Green Pastures’ and their work contact Daniel Russell 01246 555311.

Christian Bookshop

We have supported our local Christian book shop with prayer and volunteer workers in its coffee shop.  This is a valuable ministry in the town where many people congregate and often receive encouragement and advice.  Last year one lady was born again through the patient and consistent ministry of the shop’s staff and we have just baptised another lady who came to Christ in July 2011.   God has also provided financial miracles when the shop itself appeared to be on the brink of closing. 

Cool Club (After School Club)

For twelve years now we have been running the Cool Club in a local junior school in Alfreton.  About 30 children 7-11 years old enjoy the club on a Tuesday evening in the hall straight after school.   Manic games, Jesus stories related to life, prayer, parties, talent shows, end of term prize giving, crafts and fun!  Never leave the fun out of life!

We have had visits from the Fire Brigade,  Police,  Paramedics and The RNLI (all of which save and protect lives, a bit like Jesus really!).  ‘Uncle Michael’ a local Christian clown of many years is a regular visitor and includes the good news of Jesus in his ministry. We’re always amazed at what these wonderful children take in.  Sowing for the future. J

 Ministering to the Elderly

A couple in the church in Alfreton, along with other Christians, minister God’s love into the elderly folk in a local home.  Often there is a ‘service’ with songs of praise to God and encouragement to the people through God’s word.  There is always fellowship with the folk over a cuppa.

We trust in the fact that Spirit talks to spirit as not all the elderly folk have the capacity to retain a lot of information.  God is good and ministers to our hearts.


Youth in the Home has been running for quite a while now.  A place where youth can be themselves, have fun, develop relationships and grow.  Praise God, already friends are coming along and growing in their faith.  Its good to be open to our communities whatever our age.

Party in the Park

An annual event on a massive scale in Alfreton Park on the first Sunday in September.  This is a great community event we are involved in.  In amongst the fairground, craft stalls, fast food stands and charity fund raisers we provide children’s activities such as; crafts, races, face painting and entertainment.  All of our activities are free (unlike most other things on the park) to show people God’s love is free. 

We have an open-air time of worship at the start and also use the event to promote Alpha courses and provide a tent for prayer and Counseling.

A major attraction is the races for children of all ages and parents too.  We mark out a course with tape and it’s not long before we have children lining up to join in the sack race or egg and spoon race.  Then we have races for mum’s, dad’s and even grannies - it can become quite competitive!

We have a trophy which is awarded annually to the winners of the tug of war.  We challenge anyone including the police and fire brigade, who are usually present,  to put up a team.  We used to win but in recent years local teams are coming prepared, all booted up and determined to beat us.


In both Chesterfield and Alfreton, Alpha into our communities is producing fruit. The incentive of a free hot meal encourages people in and the friendly relaxed style of the evening makes people feel comfortable.  There is opportunity to make friends and ask questions without feeling conspicuous or under pressure.  We are seeing people both coming to faith and re-establishing their faith.  Changed lives are evident and a love for God is emerging. 


In the UK

  • We go into Glen Parva a Young Offenders institute to help with taking meetings, befriending the inmates and giving them someone to talk to.
  • We work with the homeless shelter in Leicester called ‘The Bridge’ by having some of the people there to the meetings, some of the cell meetings and feeding them.
  • As a congregation we collect show boxes for the ‘Samaritans Purse’. We are doing this as a project starting in May ready to go in November.



Population: 34,385,068

Main Religions: Islam

 Prayer Points

  • Pray for the freedom to follow Jesus, to be affirmed by the State and to become accepted by the wider Afghan society.
  • Pray for people to taste the benefits of forgiveness and the peace that follows as an alternative to destroying each other, their buildings and their land.
  • Pray for those who are risking their lives every day in order to bring the love and gospel of Jesus Christ to that land.


Population: 20,859,949

Main Religions: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Buddhism

Prayer Points

  • Pray that key decision makers in the nation will come to Christ.
  • Pray that antichristian legislation will be defeated.
  • Pray for the re- establishment of the nation after the war.

Apostolic Sceptre

Dr. Lalith & Hiranthi Mendis have worked to see the kingdom of God established in Sri Lanka for many years.  It is our privilege to stand with them and continue to pray for their nation to be a display for the Glory of God.


Population: 1,170,938,000

Main Religions: Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, and Sikhism

Prayer Points

  • Pray for protection for Christians.
  • Pray for effective strategies to combat poverty, caste systems, and spiritual and religious confusion.
  • For the rising up of Spirit filled workers and indigenous missionaries.

Rays of Joy Ministries

Based in Agra, Ralph and Renuka Gloekner work hard to see the kingdom of God established in the northern part of India.    They have an apostolic work affecting the lives of many, young and old.

Into the Nations with Airedale Church, Keighley

We are involved in Agra, India with Ralph & Renuka Gloekner, and our involvement is in far more than the provision of resources, we are building with them. The church has benefitted so much in intangible ways both here and in India.

Our involvement has released cash that has provided an enablement in a number of areas. Significant help has gone into the provision of almost two of the children's houses and new ungraded quality of car has been provided for Ralph and Renuka which is an essential requisite for the work they undertake. Finance and manual help was provided to enable continuity of reliable electricity supplies. Manual help has been given for miscellaneous practical jobs such as painting etc. and many people from the congregation have spent time in Agra assisting in one way or another.

Significant input has been made into the lives of the children and house parents in Agra. Schools local to the Children's Home have been visited and blessed with useful equipment.

Youth Teams have visited on three occasions, working and playing with the children and youth, and also ministering spiritually to them. In addition they have undertaken numerous practical projects around the Sharonsthan site.

In addition to all of the above, there have been significant contributions in the shape of Bible teaching and gospel outreach; both locally to Agra and in 'plant-out' situations.

Into the Nations with North Derbyshire Church


We have also had the privilege of meeting Ralph and Renuka who work so faithfully in caring for orphaned children, training new leaders and establishing the kingdom of God in Agra.  They shared their story with us from the initial word God spoke to them to the practical working out of that vision.

We have supported their work financially by contributing towards the cost of the building of the houses for the children to live in.  Peter Topliss was invited to go over and officially open one of these houses as well as teaching and ministering to the church.

Our J Team children have forged their own link with the children in Agra.  Using money they have raised they send gifts to the children in Agra usually around Christmas time.  It’s something creative or practical that they think the children will enjoy using or playing with.  Some of the children in Agra have responded by making cards containing messages of encouragement .  They have also sent and received photos of each other.

Previously some of our young folk, alongside people from the church in Keighley, have volunteered some of their holiday time to go and work in Agra.  They have been put to good use in practical building and decorating tasks as well as working with the children and ministering in the church.

Last year the group included Martyn Rowe and his daughter Emily and Sarah Topliss.  They worked hard on practical tasks and enjoyed ministering, and all were moved by the faith of the children they encountered.

Grace Gospel Church Bangelore

Dr. S. Arthur Paul & Angelin Paul have an apostolic work in Bangalore.    They work to see Christ filling all in all, setting people free from darkness and walking in freedom.

 Seeds of Hope India with Balham Community Church

Bishop Sudheer & Santosh Kumar (Rachel (17) & John (12))

We have been partnering with this ministry for 8 years. They have not established a website but essentially have adopted William Booths vision for ministry: 'soup, soap and salvation'. They are primarily working in Andhra Pradesh amongst Dalits and have been ministering for over 30 years. These are some of the ministries they have established:

  • Planted over 1000 churches in villages.
  • Train young pastors in the Bible College they have established.
  • Leaders training for pastors, evangelists and teachers (men and women in ministry).
  • Minister to street children (railway ministry).
  • Orphanages and a Christian school.
  • Rescue prostitutes from some of the red light areas (paying sums of money to the pimps) and ministering to these women in helping them live a different life with learning creative skills to earn a living.
  • Work amongst lepers in the leper colonies.
  • Work in Orissa State supporting the persecuted Christians.
  • Minister to elderly people in a community for old people.

They want to establish a number of self-sufficient projects for communities to sustain themselves. The work is colossal and they currently have about 50 people on 'staff' but much of this is done on a voluntary basis.

Here is Sudheer's summary of the ministry:

1. We have formed this ministry on the basis of carrying Christ's love through our deeds in practical ways to all the hidden and unreached.

2.  We have a Board of seven members who are trustworthy, and love the Lord. Out side of the Board we have seven advisers to the ministry, who are able to give good suggestions and have more experience in spiritual and social matters.

3. Our main focus is to win the lost by reaching every community and every tribe and break the barriers and cast system.

4. We want to raise vision partners and praying friends who have the Kingdom mindset to stand faithfully behind, and to encourage this ministry.

5.This ministry has a heart to pioneer Churches, hold Gospel Crusades, Village outreach meetings, pastors, women’s and youth conference, so we can send workers into the harvest field.

6. We want to set up Bibles Colleges in every state to train the workers and send them back to their own tribes and people.

7. We want to provide fresh drinking water where there is none, to avoid people drinking from the ponds and rivers.

8. This ministry has the heart to reach the red light district and release the prostitutes from bondage and slavery. We want to train them with skills to make them to stand on their own two feet.

9. We have the heart to reach neglected villages with medical help to the poor.

10. We want to encourge the evangelists and pastors with necessary tools like drums, P.A. equipment and gaslight.

11.  We also have a heart to give education to orphans and runaway children as well as the children from redlight area, which are neglected because of their cast.

We have taken teams to be involved in evangelism in the villages, working with children, and more recently have been teaching and training some of their core leaders.



Population: 12,926,409

Main Religions: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism

Prayer Points

  • For financial stability and favour to be established
  • For Zambia to remain a Christian nation

Roma & Catherine Nyakambumba

Roma and Catherine have worked tirelessly into their nation and the surrounding nations, bringing the restorative word of God to their people. They oversee many other apostolic ministries and their desire is to see the body of Christ working together and the nation filled with God.


Population: 12,571,454

Main Religions: Christianity, Traditional Beliefs

Prayer Points

  • A just political and economic solution for the nation
  • Peace and prosperity for the churches

Charles and Gladys Kudzerema

Working as Apostolic ministries in the midst of the challenges in the nation, Charles and Gladys have seen miracles in the midst of a declining nation. Their desire is to see the establishment of God’s kingdom across the globe.

Into the Nations with Airedale Church Keighley

We have some contact with Zimbabwe, through the relationship of Wayne & Lillian Deakin, with Cleopas Gwavava in Harare.    This has been more of the development of a personal friendship by Wayne & Lillian with the folk involved with Cleopas. Wayne & Lillian have visited Zimbabwe four or five times.  Some finance has been released which Wayne & Lillian have directed into various  projects in Zimbabwe, such as personal blessings, small building projects and help with small businesses.

Into the Nations with North Derbyshire Church


We have been privileged to entertain apostle Charles Kudzerema on several occasions in Derbyshire, and to hear him is to catch his vision for his country and the surrounding nations.

We have supported his ministry through Help International and also directly.  As a church we feel a connection to his people.

Peter Topliss has been asked to go over and minister to churches and at conferences in the last couple of years and comes back with stories of faith and how God is working amongst the people.  In August 2011 he went over to Zimbabwe during which time he spoke at the Restorers’ Conference which drew people from many African nations.  People travel long distances and meetings are much longer because there is a hunger to hear God’s word.


Population: 23,390,765

Main Religions: Christianity, Islam, Traditional Beliefs


Population: 33,424,683

Main Religions: Christianity, Islam, Traditional Beliefs, Catholic

Prayer Points

  • To see a generation of children raised through the school with a revelation of Gods Kingdom; and to be able to influence the nation for good.

Pastor Valentine is working with the congregation in Liverpool to change the lives of children through education.

South Africa

Population: 49,991,300

Main Religions: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism

Prayer Points

  • Pray for the unity of the body of Christ in South Africa
  • Pray for the harvest of lives
  • Pray for political stability, with the capacity to build

Covenant Ministries Global

Cedric and Denise Pekeur, apostolic ministries based in Strand, Western Cape, seek to connect with the body of Christ to see His kingdom established.

Into the Nations with Leeds City Church

Andrew and Liz East and family moved to South Africa where they are involved in the church and community in Midrand.

Prayer Points

  • To see the end of sectarianism and the body of Christ rising as one
  • That the next generation would be baptised with power from on high

United States of America

Population: 307,006,550

Main Religions: Christianity, Islam, Judaism

Dr. John and Karen Mastrogiovanni

Mark & Pat McElwee

Into the Nations with Balham Community Church

Bishop Mike Ememodo with Balham Community Church

This is our newest partner and least established.

We met Mike when he came to London a few years ago following the unexpected death of his wife, aged 42. He came to London hoping to establish a base for his ministry but that never materialised.

Mike is originally from Nigeria, but has been in The Gambia for the past eighteen years. He was leading a ministry with his wife and five grown up children, but since his wife's death, his children leaving The Gambia, and his congregation dispersing, he has been ministering alone as an itinerant teacher and evangelist. He is particularly motivated to preach the Word with signs following and has seen miracles in his ministry.

We have been to The Gambia on just two occasions to encourage Mike and help him to establish his ministry in The Gambia. This has not been easy as Gambia seems to have been flooded with everything under the sun from the religious and secular world, presenting huge distractions to the desperately poor indigenous population. Our ministry has been to encourage and teach some of the pastors Mike is in relationship with.

Into the Nations with Balham Community Church

The Gambia

Population: 1,728,394

Main Religions: Islam, Christianity

Prayer Points

  • Pray that the Gambia would become vigilant against combating terrorism. Pray that the country would not be a haven for terrorist groups.
  • Pray that Gambian Christians can be encouraged and trained to lead and disciple others.

Operation Mobilisation Moldova

Matthew and Helen Skirton (plus their 5 children Hannah, Lydia, Rachel, David and James).

Helen met Matthew in her early 20's, felt called to the mission field and pioneered the OM work in Moldova when there was very little Christian ministry going on in the late 1990's. They have now established micro businesses all over the country, creating employment for young people. Once again a huge amount that goes on through this ministry, which can be found on www.md.om.org


Into the Nations with Without Walls, Stanton

  • We support the charity ‘New Family for development’ in Burundi. We give them financial support every month and they come once a year to share what has been happening there.
  • We support 3 children via Help international in the Philippines, Zimbabwe & Zambia.
  • We support Sunday Night Live.

Prayer for all Nations…….

God’s plans, promises and prayers for the nations (as found in Psalms and Isaiah)

Some Key Scriptures:

Matthew 24:14

Matthew 28:19–20


Mark 11:17 (Isaiah 56:7)

Luke 2:32

Luke 10:2

Acts 3:25

Acts 13:47 (Isaiah 49:6)

Romans 3:29

Romans 10:12-15

Romans 16:26

Galatians 3:8 ( Genesis 12:3)

Ephesians 1:10

Philippians 2:10

1 John 2:2

Revelation 5:9

Revelation 7:9

Revelation 15:4

Psalm 2:7-10 “You are my son…… I will make the nations your inheritance.”

Psalm 22:26-28 “All the families of the nations will bow down.”

Psalm 22:27 “All the ends of the earth will remember and turn to the Lord.”

Psalm 24 “The earth is the Lord’s.”

Psalm 45:17 “ The nations will praise you for ever and ever.”

Psalm 65:5-8 “The hope of all the ends of the earth…..where morning dawns and evening fades you call forth songs of joy.”

Psalm 72:9 “ The desert tribes bow before Him.”

Psalm 72:17,19 “All nations will be blessed through Him….. may the whole earth be filled with His glory.”

Psalm 102:15 “The nations will fear the name of the Lord, all the kings of the earth will revere your glory.”

Isaiah 2:3 “Many peoples will come and say, come let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob.”

Isaiah 25:6 “The almighty will prepare a feast of rich food for all peoples.”

Isaiah 42:4 “He will not falter or be discouraged till He establishes justice on the earth. In His law the islands will put their hope.”

Isaiah 52:10 “The Lord will lay bare His holy arm in the sight of all the nations, and all the ends of the earth will see the salvation of our God.”